Sunday, September 1, 2019

Here is Why! Deepak Thakur Left the Show MTV Ace of Space 2

Mastermind Vikas Gupta's MTV Ace of Space Season 2 have its first elimination today on 1 September 2019 episode where Rohit got eliminated as he received less number of votes and now key house guest Deepak Thakur also left the show or forced to leave the show as he was not well physically and mentally.

Two days back in one of the task, Deepak Thakur was injured and doctors advised him to take a rest as this is not the first time he injured on same hand. Earlier, Deepak Thakur was injured on same shoulder during Bigg Boss show and now again he got his hand dislocated.

Reason Deepak Thakur Left MTV Ace of Space 2 - Not well Physically and mentally after his Injury.

So, Its important for him to focus on his health instead of playing in a game show. So, Deepak Thakur has been advised to take rest as of now. We are Hoping that Deepak Thakur will be coming back. What's your thoughts? Should Deepak come back in a show or not? 


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