Sunday, October 21, 2018

MTV Ace Of Space VOTE: Online Voting on Voot App, How To

MTV Ace of Space Just Started on MTV India Channel where Several Interesting TV Celebrities and Commoner Contestants have Participated in a show. Now Based on the Tasks and Challenges in the House, Nominations Happening every week on MTV Ace of Space & you will see the List of Nominated Contestants. You can Save them by giving your Precious Voting. See How to Download Voot App and Vote your Favorite Contestant on MTV Ace of Space Show.
ace of space vote

MTV Ace Of Space is Hosted by Vikas Gupta. He is Mentoring and Observing the Behavior of the Contestants. 18 Contestants Started a Journey inside the 6 Rooms given to Them. Day by Day you will see the Living Space of the Contestants in a Room to be Decreased. Here is How you Can Vote Online for your Favorite MTV Ace Of Space Contestants.

MTV Ace Of Space Vote | Voot App Download for Online Voting

Here we have mentioned the Steps, How one can Download the Voot Mobile App and Vote for their Favorite Contestants.
  1. Go To Google Play Store or iOS Marketplace
  2. Search For 'Voot' Application
  3. Download and Install the Application to your Mobile
  4. Login Via your Google or Facebook Account
  5. After Login you will see the Pictures of Nominated Ace of Space Contestants
  6. Select the Image of Contestant to Whom you Wants to Vote
  7. Hit Submit Button to Give your Vote and Support to your Favorite.
  8. You Are Done! Happy Voting
This Way you Can Vote and Support your Favorite Contestants Who are into Unsafe Zone. Download the Voot Mobile Application to Vote for your Favorite one. The Voot Mobile App Download Link mentioned below.

Keep Watching MTV Ace Of Space everyday 6 PM on MTV India Channel. MTV Ace Of Space voting will help your Favorite Housemates to Survive Longer into the Space.

MTV Ace Of Space Vote VOOT APP Download (Android)
Ace Of Space Voting - VOOT APP Download (iOS)

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    1. Hey bro just be strong and be well we all r there with u all the best 😘😘

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    1. I love your attitude and I like you most for satrting the journey of your love school
      Be safe and play well brother and you will already play well
      I wish I meet you

  3. Varun 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚


  5. voot app is not available in my country my vote would be for varun

  6. Danish love you bro keep growing on allha blessings you bro

  7. Danish is the best in Ace of Space love uh bro #coolestbadboi #Fambruh πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  8. Danish fam bruh is the best I know πŸ€“

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    1. Maysha aap ka layak nahi Ply with brain and u r best

    2. Maysha aap ka layak nahi Ply with brain and u r best

  10. Pratik u r d bzt n divya u r prfct

  11. Love for pratik and divya Atleast they are playing with there own brain not of others like varun is doing

  12. Pratik shejpal is rocking in ace of space
    I love varun if he use his brain on this show not of chetna
    He is a great guy in bad consistency thats all

  13. Always Love Pratik Sehjpal. It is not necessary to create a fake love angle and stay to be in house like over acting Diviya and and 6 feet dumb mental giant Varun. They both thinks that they are the only players in this who is playing well. They consider themselves as Rahul and Anjali of the movie (KKHH). Only Real Person is Pratik.

  14. Varun sood
    What a player man!
    Lastly he confessed what he felt for divya and I love it.

  15. i love you varun. i am from bangladesh.master mind please reach the sms to varun

  16. Vote for Varun......😊😊😊😊

  17. Love you Varun n diya....I don't knw what's wrong with the other house guests...but I love you both ...u r playing it very well.
    I pray to god that the winner is one of u.....don't worry n just focus on ur own incredible game.
    Divya....plz show fiza that what u r....she is expecting you to be her best friend just in 40-50 days...that is so stupid of her.everyone is there to play the game.....I am with u...n I am a big fan of you both...All the best for all the upcoming tasks❤❤

  18. varun divya..all the best..we love u..

  19. First of all Danish zehen
    After danish varun sood

  20. Pratik sehajpal... 😍😘😘😘😘❤❤❤