Monday, October 1, 2018

Vikas Gupta to Host MTV ACE OF SPACE Show as a Mastermind

The Actor and Producer Vikas Gupta who got the Label of Mastermind post the Bigg Boss 11 is back with a new Show titled MTV Ace Of Space where he will be seen as a Host of the Show. Vikas Gupta will Play with the Mind of the Contestants in a Youth Based TV Reality Show. As a Host and Observer of the Show Vikas Gupta's duties are monitoring the contestants, controlling their actions and manipulating them. MTV Ace of Space is completely different conceptual Show like never before shown on Indian Television.


“During Bigg Boss, I was projected as the ‘mastermind’ of the house. So, I met a channel with whom I had worked earlier and told them I was looking at producing a show. They suggested I play the host and I found the premise exciting,” Vikas told Mirror, adding that prep alone took six-seven months given the series’ large scale. “The channel has never done a daily non-fiction show of this level.”

When asked about what the audience can expect from his new project, he says the show gives me the opportunity to observe human behaviour and psyche in extreme conditions, almost impossible to survive in.

“As the ‘mastermind’, it will be exciting to play with the minds of contestants and bring out their survival instinct. It’s full-on entertainment,” he promises.

MTV Ace Of the Space Show will create Lots of Pressure on contestants and meanwhile They have to Prove themselves best in extreme conditions inside the House Space. The Show will be aired very Soon on MTV India Channel. Stay Tuned to get more news updates.

Apart from this, Vikas Gupta recently done with the Shooting of Rohit Shetty's Khatron Ke Khiladi Show. Post that Show now this is the new Show of Vikas Gupta on MTV India Channel.


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