Friday, August 30, 2019

Elimination 1st September 2019 Episode | MTV Ace of Space 2, Who is Eliminated!

One of The first week nominated contestants eliminated from Mastermind Vikas Gupta's MTV Ace of Space 2 reality show. See Who is Eliminated on 1st September 2019 episode based on the public voting results. The First Week Elimination is revealed based on Votes they received.
first elimination aos 2

Akshay Kakkar, Baseer Ali, Lucinda Nicholas, Manhar Sheth, Nikita, Ohm, Roshni, Rohit were nominated for the first week elimination. Later task happened in a two divided teams of house-guests. Now, Lucinda Nicholas marked herself safe after her team won the task. Later one more task happened.

Later First Squeeze happened in the house and room sizes of the contestants got smaller than earlier. Now, it became more difficult for the house guests to survive in the limited space.

Rohit, Nikita, Nasir were unsafe in Bottom 3 and finally, one of them is eliminated from the show. Nasir was marked as safe as he gets more votes compared to nikita and rohit. Now, Nikita and Rohit fights to stay into the competition. Now, Vikas Gupta asks house guests, to whom to stay and to whom to go out. Now, after that Public voting result revealed. Rohit Eliminated from the show as he gets less votes than Nikita.

MTV Ace of Space 2 Elimination 1st September 2019 Episode - Rohit Eliminated due to less votes.

Now, one of the Contestant is eliminated from MTV Ace of Space 2 reality show on 1 September 2019 episode. See who is evicted from the show tonight.


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