Monday, December 3, 2018

Why Danish Zehen Left out from Ace Of Space 3rd December Episode | Eliminated?

Danish Left the AOS 2018 House. After the Elimination of Riya Subodh from the MTV Ace Of Space Show, It was the elimination of Danish Zehen. Everyone was wondering Why and How Danish got eliminated from the Show today on 3rd December 2018 Episode. But It wasn't revealed on Television the Reason behind the elimination on Danish. Everyone is Asking Why Danish Left the Show and If he is coming back to Show.

Vikas Gupta forced Danish to Pack the Bags and Leave the House Immediately. So, without argument danish got eliminated from the show.

Why Danish got Eliminated is unknown and we'll reveal it to you very Soon. It looks there have been Some Family Matter and Hopefully He'll be Back in Game Very Soon.

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