Thursday, December 6, 2018

Akanksha Sharma is Back on Ace Of Space, Fights with Mayesha, Abhiraj

MTV Ace Of Space Show currently running the Newsroom task where Housemates have to Ask their doubts to anyone they wants to Ask being a News reported. Now, on tonight's episode of Ace Of Space on 6th December 2018, you will see Akanksha Sharma is coming back to the Show and she have been called by mastermind vikas gupta as She has Commented on One of the Instagram Post.

There are Some Accuses by Abhiraj on Meisha about ruining relationship with Akanksha. So, Meisha was crying and explaining to Vikas Gupta that She is right and never done anything wrong to Akanksha or Abhiraj and not with any other house guest.

After looking at Social Media Comment about Mayesha (Meisha) and Abhiraj, Akanksha Sharma have been called immediately to the Ace of Space Hose and which in turn create lots of fights between her and Maesha. Now, Meishya have to Confess everything in front of Akanksha Sharma.
Catch the Sneak Peeks of 6th December 2018 episode which creates lots of Shocking revelation in a News Room Task. Keep Watching MTV Ace Of Space everyday 6 PM on MTV India Channel.

Akanksha's Social Media Post Comment brings her back on MTV Ace Of Space Show. Don't miss to watch it on 6/12/2018 episode. Explore more about Akanksha, Abhiraj, Meisha relationship in real life.

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