Saturday, December 1, 2018

MTV Ace Of Space Elimination [2nd December 2018] Episode Vote Out

Double Elimination: MTV Ace Of Space reality show turning interesting by every next day. After having Tasks and Nomination throughout the Week, Again Its time for the elimination on 2nd December 2018 Episode. See Who are the eliminated or Voted Out Contestants of MTV Ace Of Space Show. The 2/12/2018 Episode elimination have been revealed.

This Wee The Contestants Danish, Chetna, Riya, Pratik, Fizah and Shehzad were unsafe into Danger Zone. Out of them Two Contestants will be eliminated and on the other Side the Room Space will get Smaller. It would become difficult for the Housemates to Survive into the Smaller Space. See Who are the eliminated Contestants on Vikas Gupta's MTV Ace Of Space Show.

Also on Today's Episode you will see the Naagin TV Serial Actress Surbhi Jyoti as a Guest who has conducted the elimination process and evicted two house guests from the show.
fizah riya

MTV Ace Of Space Elimination 2 December 2018 Episode - Double Elimination - Fizah Khan and Riya Subodh eliminated but later Riya has a Power to Save herself or Fizah Khan.
Riya Subodh Eliminated
Finally, Riya decided to Save Fizah Khan and She herself got eliminated from the show.

Two Contestants have been Voted out based on the Public Voting results happened this weekend.

After the Public Voting happened for the entire week, The Two Contestants who got the lowest Scores have been eliminated from the Show. Keep Watching MTV Ace Of Space everyday 6 PM on MTV India channel.


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