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MTV Ace Of Space Watch and Win Contest, Rules, Winners & Prizes

MTV Ace of Space (Watch & Win) contest (“Contest”): Here are Some Rules and Regulations you should follow to be Part of the Vikas Gupta's MTV Ace Of Space contest. Every day you will be Prompted with a question on a Screen. You have to Answer the Question using SMS. Here are Some Rules you need to Follow. See the Terms and Conditions and Also See What MTV Ace Of Space Contest Winner Prizes. See the List of Winners and Rules how to Find the Winner.
watch and win

1. This Contest is organized by Viacom18 Media Private Limited ("Organizers" or “Viacom18”) and is open to all applicants for participation who meet the following requirements for participation (“Participants”):
a. citizens of India;
b. who are in the age group of 18 years and above;
c. are viewers of the channel “MTV” (“Channel”); and
d. are mobile subscribers of Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea, MTNL Mumbai, Reliance and Tata (“Service Providers”).
2. To participate in the Contest, a Participant need to answer 1 (one) question with multiple options and/or with the correct answer as might be required every day on the Channel or any other platform as may be determined by the Organizer during the Contest Period (as defined hereinafter) through modes of participation as provided below. This a daily contest and every day questions may vary during the Contest Period and the Participants may participate more than once.
3. Modes of Participation: The Participant can answer the question in the manner set out below:
i. Via SMS, by sending an SMS as OPT<SPACE>A or OPT<SPACE>B to 9594500005 through their respective mobile Service Providers.
4. Contest Period:
a. The Contest shall commence from 1st December 2018 and conclude on 22nd December 2018 (“Contest Period”) comprising of 22 (twenty-two) daily contests during the Contest Period (“Daily Contest”).
b. Each Daily Contest shall commence at 6:00pm hours and conclude for such respective day at 8:00pm hours and the Participants willing to participate in the Contest would be required to send their Contest Entries for each day of the Contest before 8:00pm hours for the given day of the Contest (“Daily Contest Cut-Off Time”).
c. Any entries received after the respective Daily Contest Cut-off Time for the said Daily Contest shall not be entertained and shall be considered ineligible for the said Daily Contest.
d. Winners for each day of the Daily Contests shall be announced after the Daily Contest Cut-Off Time at any time during the same day or at such other date/s as decided by the Organizer in their sole discretion during the Contest Period or such other time as may be determined by the Organizer. Mode and manner of announcement of Winner shall be determined at sole discretion of the Organiser.
e. All the Daily Winners for the entire Contest Period shall be selected for the eligibility of the Prize as per provisions elaborated below.
5. Selection of Winners:
a. During the Contest Period, for the Daily Contests the Organizer shall select a total of 1 (one) participants as daily winners’ who have answered the questions correctly, have answered correctly multiple times and on first come basis for the respective Daily Contest as determined by the Organizer as the winners of the respective Daily Contest (“Daily Winner”).
b. In this manner, the Organizers shall select total of 22 (twenty-two) Daily Winners across the Contest Period.
c. Each of the Daily Winners declared by the Organizer shall hereinafter be collectively called as “Winners” and each such Winner shall be further selected and become eligible for gratification as detailed below.
d. Further at the end of each week during the Contest Period, 1 (one) Bumper Prize winner shall be selected basis who have answered the question correctly on first come basis and for maximum number of times during the week (“Weekly Winner”).
6. All the Prizes will be distributed at the end of the Contest, at such date/s and time/s as may be determined and intimated by the Organiser in its sole discretion.
7. Gratification Details:
Both Daily Winner and Weekly Winner shall hereinafter shall be referred to as “Winner” unless otherwise specifically stated below:
a) Daily Winner Prize: Each Daily Winner as may be declared by the Organizer would be eligible to win the 1 (one) MTV merchandise which may be an MTV T-shirt or an MTV sipper or such other merchandise as may be determined by Organizer at its sole discretion. Organizer takes no responsibility, liability or any other expenses for the Winners. The Winners understand that each Winner shall be entitled for such type and number of prize as determined by the Organizer at its sole discretion.
b) Weekly Winner Prize/ Bumper Prize: Each Weekly Winner will be get one time opportunity to visit/ tour the set of Ace of Space House and meet with the host Mr. Vikas Gupta and get a chance to have an informal conversation with Mr. Vikas Gupta and/or their favorite contestant in the Ace of Space House, all determined at sole discretion of Viacom18 and subject to strict adherence of instructions, rules and guidelines of Viacom18 (“Bumper Prize”).
Keep Watching MTV Ace Of Space everyday 6 PM on MTV India Channel. Answer the Question Appeared on your TV Screen. Answer by just Sending SMS to the Mobile Number. All the Best for AOS Watch and Win Contest!


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