Monday, December 17, 2018

Wow! Fizah Khan is Back in MTV Ace Of Space as Wild Card Entry

A Plus Size Model Fizah Khan who got eliminated from the MTV Ace Of Space last Day is back in a Show MTV Ace Of Space. Yes, Suddenly Chetna got evicted based on Shehzad Deol's Special Power as a finalist. Chetna got eliminated but She had a Power to Bring Back one more contestant from Danish Zehen and Fizah Khan.

Chetna Decided to Bring back the Fizah Khan in a Show. So, Finally The Divya's Biggest Enemy in the House, Fizah Khan is Back in a Show. Now, Fizah Khan is Happy to Play the Strong Game Against Divya Agarwal in the House.

Fizah Khan wants to Win in Front of Divya Agarwal and She is back with More Power. Till Now Fizah Khn played with Heart and Now She is back to Play with mind as well. The Grand Finale will be more exciting for Sure.

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