Monday, December 17, 2018

Chetna Pandey Eliminated from Ace Of Space on 17th December, See Why?

It was the Power in Hands of Shehzad Deol to Vote and Save either Chetna or Abhiraj. Yes, The First Finalist Power Owner Shehzad Deol had to Save any one between Abhiraj Chaddha and Chetna Pandey. Shehzad Deol has given the Heart to Abhiraj and finally, Chetna got eliminated because of Sudden Death Game played by Shehzad. See Why Chetna Pandey got Evicted.

Chetna wanted to Stay into the House till the end but, unfortunately She had to left the House as She got eliminated by Power of Shehzad. Yes, Chetna evicted on 17th December 2018 Episode.

Chetna Pandey eliminated Reason - Shehzad's Power to Save one, Shehzad Saved Abhiraj

Later Chetna has given a Power to Bring Back Any of Danish Zehen or Fizah Khan who came back in a Show. Chetna wanted to Bring back Fizah Khan in a Show and Finally, Fizah Khan came back as Wild Card Entry.

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