Friday, September 6, 2019

Video Vichaar MTV Ace of Space 2 | Record and Upload Your Video on VOOT

MTV Ace of Space 2 reality show have the Video Vichaar activity for the show viewers. If you are fan of the show and have any comments or message about any contestant, Record you Video Message on Voot official website and upload it. That it! Your Message may be show to house guests in a show.
ace of space 2 video vichaar

Its your time to question the house guests on their behavior in a game play or anything you feel about them. MTV Ace of Space 2 Video Vichaar Activity has some rule, Terms and Conditions you should follow. See How you can record Video and be part of the MTV Ace of Space 2 show.

Age Criteria - 18 Years and Above

ActivityActivity Questions
Viacom18 will invite participation from the viewers of the Program to provide their reactions/responses to one question in relation to the Program, each Activity Day during the Activity Period ("Activity Question(s)"). The Activity Question might be refreshed/changed every Activity Day or such duration as might be determined by Viacom18 at its sole discretion and communicated from time to time to the viewers of the Program during the Activity Period at the sole discretion of Viacom18 and the Activity Video (defined later) shall be strictly in relation to the Activity Question. The Activity Questions shall be displayed on the Voot App, in the 'Video Vichaar' section/ Ace of space Show page and/ or any other page on the Voot App and on television channel(s) of Viacom18.

Activity Video
  1. Participants will be required to share their entry by recording their response to the Activity Questions in the form of an audio-visual recording ("Activity Video") and submit the same on the Voot App in the manner as instructed and detailed on the Voot App, for selection by Viacom18, at its sole discretion to telecast / exhibit the selected Activity Videos either during airing of the Program on the Channel and/or in any other manner on any other platforms, including Voot App or any such other digital platforms as per Viacom18's sole discretion.
  2. Any recording of the Participant sent as an entry/Activity Video other than as per mentioned in the Activity guidelines/the terms detailed herein and/or in accordance with the specifications on the Voot App shall be deemed to be an invalid entry and Viacom18 shall not be responsible or liable for any claims arising therefrom.
  3. The Participant shall ensure that the duration of the Activity Video shall be minimum 5 (five) seconds and maximum up to 30 (thirty) seconds. Any Activity Video which does not adhere to the aforesaid duration will be rejected. The Participants may upload his/her Activity Video on the Voot App multiple number of times before the end of the Activity Hours for each Activity Day during the Activity Period. Viacom18 at its discretion shall select the Activity Video as the Participant's final / last entry for the purpose of selection and consider any entry thereof.
  4. The contents of the Activity Video shall be, at all times subject to the S&P guidelines as detailed in Annexure A hereto. In the event the Activity Video is not as per the S&P guidelines, the Activity Video shall be deemed disqualified.
Show your Video Vichaar on MTV Ace of Space 2 Voot Activity and open your mind in front of the house guests contestants.


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