Thursday, November 29, 2018

Baawle Chore Sankalp and Sambhav Left the Show for the Family, Know Why!

MTV Ace Of Space contestants Baawle Chore, Rajasthani Twin Brothers Sankap and Sambhav left the Show and in Fact they are forced to leave the House as their families called them because they need them. Yes, It hasn't been revealed Why Baawle Chhore left the Show but their Family members have called them. We have revealed to you the Reason below Why Baawle Chhore leaves out from the house.
sankalp sambhav

Sankal and Sambhav Sharma, The Judwaa brothers were in Tension while Vikas Gupta told them to leave the House because of Family Call. Bawle Chore revealed their Nana had a 4th Stage Cancer So, they were in Worry when they got message to leave the House.

However, Baawle Chore left the MTV Ace Of Space Show due to Family Call and needs. We'll Update you about Why Sambhav and Sankalp left the Show and why their families called them out of the MTV Ace Of Space House.

Why Sambhav and Sankalp Sharma Left out the Show? Know the Reason why Baawle Chore leaves the House of MTV Ace Of Space

Reason - Baawle Chhore's Nana having 4th Stage Cancer and Passing through tough Time and because of that Sambhav and Sankalp's Mother's health was little bad. So, They are back from the Show Ace Of Space. In fact their Families needed the Support from them and that is why they are back to home in Rajasthan.

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