Monday, November 26, 2018

Danish Locked Inside the Washroom, Why? What Happened?

MTV Ace Of Space reality Show on MTV India Channel turning interesting after the every next Twist inside the Game and happening elimination alongside. Now, on 26th November 2018 Episode you will See Contestant Danish Zehen has Locked himself inside the Wash Room and Not Opening the Door and even Not Responding to Anyone. It's Look he is Fainted inside the Bathroom.
danish inside washroom

Everyone is curious to Know What Happened to Danish and Why he Locked himself in a Bathroom and Not Opening the Door. Some of the Video Viewers Started Predicting that Danish might fainted down in Bath Room. Bawle Chhore, Varun Sood and other Contestants trying to call Danish and even Tried to Break the Door and Later Production House Team Came to the Room and Opened the Door.
Danish Zehen
Surviving inside the MTV Ace Of Space House is now became more difficult for the Contestants as Mastermind Vikas Gupta turning everything upside down for the House Guests by bringing next level difficulties for the Contestants. See the Video of Danish Zehen when he locked himself inside the room all alone and not opening up the door.

Danish Zehen is from Kurla Maharashtra living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Danish is locked in the washroom and doesn’t respond to anyone. What’s wrong? You Will Find out on MTV Ace Of Space tonight 6 PM.
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