Thursday, October 18, 2018

Faizy Boo - Faizal Khan on MTV Ace Of Space: A Gay in Vikas Gupta's Show

Earlier we have revealed to you some of the Names of Contestants who are on Vikas Gupta's Ace Of Space Show as a Contestants. Now one more contestant Locked inside House is Faizy Boo (Faizal Khan). Yes, a 22 Years old Model, Actor and Gay Personality Boy Faisal Khan gets entry into the MTV Ace Of Space Show.

Faizal Khan is a Strong Minded Person who will surely give the Show a new TRP. Have a Look at the Faisal Khan's Passion and his Videos. Faisal Khan believes that love has no boundaries, and you can love anyone.

Faizal Khan / FAISAL KHAN / Faizy Boo
Fashion enthusiast
Fitness Freak

Watch the Videos of Faizal Khan.

Keep Watching MTV Ace of Space everyday 6 PM on MTV India to starting 20th October 2018 to enjoy How Contestants are living in a Smaller Space and Adjust themselves with co-housemates.

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